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‘Built To Care’ – Creating Better Health

The Government of Zimbabwe has pledged to rebuild the country and to ‘protect and promote the rights of the people’. In doing so, the Minister of Health and Child Care has taken the lead in implementing an increase in health sector domestic funding as well as targeting improved access to quality healthcare for all citizens. The need for the modernisation of hospitals and equipment throughout Zimbabwe is thereby of paramount significance to the wellbeing and healthcare of the nation.

Lead Contractor: NMS Infrastructure

NMS Infrastructure Ltd is an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Managing Contractor based within the United Kingdom. As a specialist in the administration of bespoke turnkey healthcare programmes, NMSI have successfully delivered infrastructure and finance across Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and further areas.

The company strategically combine local know-how with international expertise and specialise in forming multi-national consortiums that deliver leading innovation and quality; building specialist project teams to exceed client expectations.

A world class team of Zimbabwean and UK partners


An unrivalled team of Zimbabwean and UK companies will be brought together to deliver these world-class healthcare facilities to the people of Zimbabwe

Stuttafords Zimbabwe

Local Logistics / Removals

Lab Assist Zimbabwe

Medical Equipment